Nigerians in the US outraged over Trump’s travel ban, call for national self-reflection

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Nigerians in the US outraged over Trump’s travel ban, call for national self-reflection

Florida, United States
Nigerians in the United States have expressed outrage and disappointment over President Donald Trump’s expanded travel ban which blindsides American citizens from bringing Nigerians to the United States. 
By Newton-Ray Ukwuoma

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Ranked as the most educated and productive immigrant community in the United States, comprising largely medical doctors, nurses, university professors, entrepreneurs and other professionals, Nigerian-Americans under the auspices of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization, Americas (NIDOA), USA have issued a vexed statement condemning the new immigration policy which has been touted to be exclusionary and divisive, generating critical debates and massive condemnation even on US soil since its proclamation by the president.
In its official statement made available to Nigerian Tribune on Tuesday in Florida, United States, the umbrella body for Nigerians in the US described the controversial policy as Trump administration’s exploitation of “the systemic failure of Nigeria’s security architecture”, calling on the Nigerian government to quickly address the security, data and information sharing issues which was referenced by the US government as reason for the extension of the travel ban.
“Our disappointment stems from the systemic failure of the security architecture in our Nigerian homeland that has enabled Boko Haram and the ISIS global terrorist network to cause more than 27000 deaths, while displacing about 2.3 million persons in the last 10 years,”  the statement which was signed by NIDOA chairman, Ms Patience Key read.
“We are outraged because the Trump administration has exploited this unsavory situation to further its unfortunate agenda of pandering to the most extreme elements of its base,”
Meanwhile, effective on Friday, 21st February 2020 United States will no longer issue immigrant visas which will lead to permanent residency to Nigerians and nationals of countries such as Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar. 
However, the policy does not affect temporary visas for tourists, business people, students and workers from these nations.
Meanwhile, citizens of Tanzania and Sudan will now be omitted from the United States’ popular visa lottery scheme which is typically available for nationals in countries that have low levels of immigrant populations in the US. 
 In the statement Key also announced NIDOA’s developed blueprints on various aspects of Nigeria’s security situation, economy and polity, which are being shared with stakeholders, admonishing that the present development should be seen as an opportunity for Nigerians home and abroad to rededicate themselves to the cause of building a new and better Nigeria that works for its people.  More >>

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