Executive Members

Meet the Board:

President : Chief executive officer of NIDOA-USA Florida mandated to exercise leadership over the board to ensure active discharge responsibilities in accordance with the bylaws, while being fully accountable to the General Membership. Overall responsibility is to oversee matters that concern  NIDOA-USA Florida including, but not limited to financial matters, committee’s, events, and general member interest.

Vice President : The second in command to the president and assumes all the duties and responsibilities in the absence of the president. The vice president is responsible for addressing areas of cooperation and involvement in activities of relevant local and international bodies with the association while serving as a liaison between the Organization and other Chapters of NIDO Americas.

General Secretary : Responsible for all the records, reports, intellectual properties, and any other effects pertaining to NIDOA-USA Florida. Keeps the registration of the Organization with the government current and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements to keep the Organization in good standing with the government or government agencies.

Assistant General Secretary : Serves in the absence of the General Secretary to effectuate and discharge the duties of the secretariat. Maintain the website and social media presence of the chapter; including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram in collaboration with the Public Relations Officer (PRO) and Event/Fundraising Coordinator etc.

Financial Secretary: Maintains all financial records of NIDOA-USA Florida and  keeps or cause to be kept full, up-to-date and accurate accounts and records of receipts and disbursements of the Organization including evidence of indebtedness and other financial documents of the Organization.

Treasurer: Oversees the handling of all funds pertaining to NIDOA-USA Florida and makes available requisitions for approval.  Provide and presents annual budget  in consultation with the Financial Secretary and other members of the Board.

Public Relations Officer (PRO):Responsible for Press releases, publications of the Organization such as Membership Directory, NIDOA-USA, Florida Newsletter, advertising and other communications as may be directed by the Board.  Liaise with the President and Events/Fundraising Coordinator in the course of their liaison and public image duties.

Event/Fundraising Coordinator :  Co-ordinate the organization of social and cultural activities. Supervise and oversee logistics for Annual General Meeting (AGM) and special fundraising events and Issue reports of events undertaken for the Organization to the Executive Board.

Provost: Ensures the maintenance of peace and tranquility during the general meeting. Recognizes speakers and apportions speaking minutes during the general meeting. In conjunction with the Board, enforces the code of conduct during any event sponsored by NIDOA-USA, Florida.