NIDOA-USA Florida Organizational Structure

Governance of  Nigerians In Diaspora Organization Americas -USA Florida Chapter

The General members: Our members are the most valuable part of our organization, empowered to drive systemic change together with the Board of Executives in developing agendas for sustainable economic growth both at home and aboard while showcasing our diverse cultural heritage and living the values of our founding fathers of peace and unity.

The Board of Executives:  Our executives are called to oversee the associations affairs through guidance and execution of the association’s objectives in a harmonized fashion that enables growth and unity of purpose.

The board consist of the following offices:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Assistant General Secretary
  • Financial Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO)
  • Events and Fundraising Coordinator
  • Provost

Standing Committees: Our standing committees have been empowered to uphold the associations values and principles working with “The Board” towards execution of each mandate.

The following are the standing committees:

  • Membership
  • People Development
  • Ethics and Disciplinary
  • Event/Fundraising
  • Strategic Engagement