Nigerians in Diaspora Organization, Americas (NIDOA), USA, Florida is one of the chapters of NIDO Americas, USA. Our goal is to connect Nigerian professionals in the Diaspora together for positive impact on both Nigeria and the USA.

NIDO is recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria as Sole Representative of Nigerians living in the Diaspora. Our mission is to harness Nigeria’s vast human capital for the social, economic and infrastructural development of our country, Nigeria, and its peoples. The Florida chapter was chartered on July 17, 2019.

Our Vision

NIDO Americas USA, Florida Chapter aims to empower members to access opportunities towards harnessing their talents, expertise, and resources for personal development and nation building.

Unification of Purpose

We are called to foster the spirit of patriotism, networking, cooperation and unification of purpose among all Nigerians in the United States. When we succeed as a nation, everyone is successful, but when we fail as a nation, we are all failures no matter our individual achievements and attainment.

Please join us to make Nigeria a better place for all its citizens and to positively impact our environment. For membership information and other inquiries, visit us at www.nidoausaflorida.org. You can also email us at info@nidoausaflorida.org OR USAFLORIDANIDOA@GMAIL.COM.